Benjamin Baer


Benjamin (Benjie) Baer (24), singer/guitarist/songwriter, is originally from Germany, yet spent his childhood and teenage years in a number of countries in South Asia. He has played guitar for almost 10 years, and has some musical training on the piano and violin. He has been writing songs for approximately 8 years. After completing a degree in Nursing and working in Cambodia for 2 years in an urban-poor church, and doing his B.A. in Intercultural Studies at the Intercultural Theological Academy, Bad -Liebenzell, Germany, he is presently serving in a local church near Stuttgart, Germany.

His heart desire is to grow in being satisfied in God as the fountain of life and to love Him more and more. His passion for the Church is to see it grow in its adoration for its Father and King, Jesus Christ, and to see the Church fulfill its mission of proclaiming the Gospel to all nations. Benjie enjoys leading people into worship through music and expressing his walk with God through his songs.