Maureen Ough

singer/music director/entrepreneur

Maureen Ough (40), singer/songwriter/business manager, is of Korean descent, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She has had some piano and vocal training, but the bulk of her schooling and experience has been in the corporate world. She graduated with a Communications degree from the University of Waterloo, and worked as a Human Resources (HR) professional for over 10 years, mainly with Microsoft Corporation. At the height of her HR career, she was the acting HR Director for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, based in Dubai, UAE. 

After experiencing burnout and exhaustion, she gave her life to Christ in 2010. Maureen left Microsoft, and the corporate world in 2012, and since then has been providing HR and business consulting to a number of Christian owned organizations and churches, including the church she currently attends, Westminster Chapel in Toronto, Canada.

Maureen was given the vision to bring Kairos’ members together after a trip back to Dubai in April 2015 where she met up with her old friend, Sascha Baer. He told her his brother attended a church in Toronto, and that his name was Benjie. Benjie just so happened to be interning at Maureen’s church, and was serving on the worship team with her! There are no coincidences in life wink emoticon Upon her return, she contacted Benjie, and introduced him to her friends Remus and Sophia, whom she met at her previous church, Grace Fellowship in Toronto. The Lord put it on her heart to bring them together to make music, they all agreed, and on May 24, 2015 weekend, they met up and recorded their first single Life At Sea.

Since then, Maureen has decided to go into music full time, and utilize her business skills to establish Kairos’ band and record label. She is excited to see what God has in store for Kairos, and how He will be using them to reach the nations through music. To Him be the glory!