Remus Belu

singer/musician/music producer/sound engineer

Remus Belu (32), singer/musician/music producer/sound engineer, is of Romanian-Serbian descent. He was born in London, Ontario, and raised in Toronto. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 10, after experiencing bouts of depression due to his parents divorce. After seeking The Lord’s will for his life, and through a chain of events, his music/performing career began at the age of 18. He started as a singer, then became a dancer, then started touring globally as a backup dancer. Simultaneously, he taught himself how to play piano and guitar. After his backup dance tour ended, he signed on as a full time choreographer at a dance studio in Toronto. This was when he met Shawn Desman, performed with Danny Fernandes, who referred him to the dance studio, and was inspired to go back into music full time.

He crossed paths with a Christian music producer in 2002 who quickly became his musical mentor. From 2004 to 2006, Remus picked up music production and song writing experience, and he co-produced (guitar) for artists, Danny Fernandes and Masari. He then went on his own, and joined forces with other guys to start their own group, TRT/Frequency. They toured the US and Canada, and opened up for artists such as Brian McKnight, Karl Wolf, and Girlicious. Their single, Come Back, was also released in the Caribbean in 2008. After TRT disbanded, Remus went into music production full time, he picked up music engineering skills, and started producing his own music. He worked with artists such as George Nozuka, Delorean Black, Justin Oh, and producer Zac Morris where they started a DJ project together.

Remus’ heart’s desire has been to make Christian music, especially after meeting Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limbs, in 2009. God has now presented this opportunity through Kairos in May of 2015. He now knows that all his years working in the secular world has prepared him musically to do God’s work for His kingdom. His vision, along with the other members of Kairos, is to unite the body of Christ through music, and to give back to the Christian community. To Him be the glory!