Sophia Cox

Rapper/ singer/ songwriter

Sophia Cox (20), rapper/ singer/ songwriter, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in a community housing project. In the Canadian urban culture she is referred to as a “mixed chick” due to her multiracial background; her father is from St.Vincent and the Grenadines of the Caribbean, and her mother is of Italian and Austrian descent. Sophia has always been passionate about music. She grew up in a musical household as her father was a drummer for reggae bands. Since her father was a musician, a large part of her childhood involved studio recording sessions, concerts, and band rehearsals. Being artistically talented, she participated in choir, group performances, and drama club throughout elementary and middle school. She began to write poetry, rap, and song lyrics in grade nine to express herself, but discontinued shortly after falling into depression in high school.

After she surrendered her life to Jesus in 2011, Sophia began to express herself through music again. This time her primary focus was not about herself, but about Christ. Her father always encouraged her to pursue music, but she was never comfortable or confident about the idea. She vowed to herself as a little girl that if she were to pursue a music career she would only want to sing and make music for Him. Today He has rekindled in her that desire, and the ability to do so. Slowly she is being molded and shaped to be an artist through His great confidence, strength and wisdom.